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Admin Support for Charities

Tailored support for your charity

Charities are fantastic organisations that direct vital funds and manpower towards the causes that needs it the most, this often squeezes internal budgets in turn. You got into this industry to make a difference and don’t want to be spending your valuable time on admin and taking phone calls.

At SmartPA we pride ourselves on standing by our values and always acting in the best interests of our clients. Charities are often held to higher standards of behaviour, so brand and value alignments with all suppliers is important for both your corporate social responsibility and your brand perception.

Whether it’s managing board meetings or compiling reports, our support is designed to fit into your business. We can offer temporary contracts and our support is flexible, which means you only have to pay for the support you really need and your time can be spent where it is most valuable. You can get back to making a difference.

SmartPA supporting for charities

To help get you thinking about what admin means for your business we have shared just some of the sector specific tasks our team regularly manage.

Document Production

Taking board minutes, managing the completion and submission of any compliance documentation and organising any required insurance or legal checks for team members.

Call Handling

Liaising with those who need support and ensuring every voice feels heard - allowing you to focus on making a difference.

Brand Management

Engaging donors, managing any email communication or PR opportunities and liaising with corporate sponsors.

Managing any office maintenance, ordering and tracking general supplies, overseeing payroll and HR management

Managing follow ups to receive testimonials and reviews via Trustpilot, AirBnB, social media etc

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