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Admin Support for the Medical Industry

Tailored support for the medical industry

As patient numbers rise and more data regulations are introduced, the amount of required admin in the medical industry is increasing rapidly. As well as being trained on practice management systems, our SmartPAs can handle a wide variety of medical tasks designed to make patient care more efficient and data management less complicated while still compliant. We understand that all patient registrations need to be GDPR compliant and our SmartPAs can all advise on best practice whilst maintaining strict confidentiality.

We can handle all calls during business hours and support your medical business to maintain a personal touch while being as tech-savvy and streamlined as possible, allowing you to put your patients’ and customers’ needs first.

SmartPA supporting the medical industry

To help get you thinking about what admin means for your business we have shared just some of the sector specific tasks our team regularly manage.

Comprehensive Phone Support

Our SmartPAs provide 9am-5pm call-handling coverage and manage all appointment bookings.

Document Production and Distribution

Proactive billing and repeat prescription support for all patients and customers.

Supplier Management

Liaising with insurance companies and other suppliers where necessary, as well as providing social media support to boost your digital presence.

Diary and Email Management

Mastering your practice management systems and integrating seamlessly with your booking processes. We also support with room bookings and updating all systems to stay current.

Data Compliance

Responding to bookings with GDPR, Article 22, pricing and terms and conditions prior to appointment. Supporting with the conversion of physical files to your online systems.

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