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Are your leaders still doing their own admin?

Are your leaders still doing their own admin?

What’s the cost to your organisation?

As every successful organisation understands, too much time spent on non-core activities will limit growth and slow your ROI. This maxim is particularly true when applied to individuals who are crucial to your organisation’s strategic development.

So, what is the cost of having your leadership team spend time on admin? The truth may surprise you …



Cost comparison infographic pt 1


Based on our experience, we estimate that leaders spend at least 1 hour per day on administrative tasks (although this has been found to be much higher in some circumstances).


Doing the maths:

Basing this on 234 working days per year, each leader is spending 234 hours a year on admin rather than on strategic activities. The result? A cost to business of £138,428 per annum. So, in our example looking at 10 business leaders, there is a cost of £13,843 per person.


Scaling up

And what if we look at this cost pattern over a wider team of 100 stakeholders? The annual savings then become particularly significant:


Cost comparison infographic pt 2


Cost comparison infographic pt 3
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Please note that while all information is derived from a client study, data points have been anonymised and aggregated to facilitate visual representation


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