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At SmartPA, we believe that ESG is more than just a box-ticking exercise. It's about creating real change for individuals, communities and our world.

We are committed to creating dignified, sustainable employment opportunities in Africa, the Caribbean and other parts of the world. Focusing primarily on women and young people, SmartPA delivers life-changing and career-generating skills programmes both directly and on behalf of governments and institutions.

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KLAR Africa

The launch of KLAR Africa

To accelerate SmartPAs mission and provide further career generating opportunities we will be launching KLAR Africa, the virtual marketplace. KLAR Africa will be a community platform, providing training and resources. The platform will not only provide individuals and teams a chance to upskill, reskill and new skill but also a chance for mentorship and empowerment.


Meet our people

SmartPA are fortunate to have a vast network of women within our community who are seeking employment opportunities. Our network currently consists of over 45,000 women who are eager to work and make a meaningful contribution to society. Additionally, we have 350 female owned franchises, who provided a diverse range of admin services.

This allows SmartPA to connect women to sustainable home working employment. Our incredible network will continue to make a positive impact in the fight against unemployment and empower more women to succeed in the workforce.

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Frequently asked questions

The KLAR Africa program sounds great, how can I join?

We are glad you are excited by KLAR Africa, we are too. KLAR Africa will be launching very soon, to register your interest and stay up to date with the launch sign up.

Why Africa?

In summary, helping Africa to address the unemployment crisis is a matter of humanitarian concern, global economic stability, shared prosperity, and strategic partnership. By working together to create jobs and promote economic growth in Africa, we can contribute to a more prosperous and equitable world for all.

I run an organisation but think KLAR Africa sounds interesting, can I get involved?

Yes. SmartPA are always interested in new and existing partnerships. KLAR Africa will provide the opportunity for organisations to use the software but will also provide a Pledge Programme, which we will be sharing more details on.

We are currently in the process of selecting our Pledge Partners. If you are interested in early partnership benefits please reach out today. All enquiries will be treated with confidence.

What is a Pledge?

A pledge is a financial commitment to assist in the training and development of the young people of Africa, with a heavy focus on women.