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6 Key Benefits of Optimising Your Temp Support

6 Key Benefits of Optimising Your Temp Support

We’re always on the lookout for an eye catching quote and this one, from a recent LinkedIn article, certainly fits the bill:

“… almost half of UK employers (45%) [are] hiring temp or contract workers to overcome skill shortages”

The article goes on to highlight the appeal of using non-permanent workers amid the current uncertain economic climate and lists six very persuasive reasons why “temp workers should be part of your workforce strategy”.

Naturally, we broadly agree with the sentiment. However, if you’re looking to take on temporary support, it not only needs to be as painless and cost-effective a process as possible, but you also need to know you’re getting more than ‘just’ a temp. In short, you need to know you’re hiring professionals who are genuinely passionate about representing your business to your clients.

So, as long-term outsourcing experts in the field of virtual admin support, we thought we’d pull together our own 6 reasons why partnering with SmartPA will help businesses gain maximum benefit from the non-permanent element of their workforce.


1. A seamless, team-based solution

As the original article rightly points out, full-time employees can be expensive. As well as salary payments, you also have to contribute to NI, pensions, workplace consumables, and then factor in holidays and sickness. Using temporary workers can mitigate against many of these costs, but what about sickness and holidays? Sourcing a new temp at short notice is no laughing matter, and there’s precious little time to onboard them. So, you can soon find yourself with someone new who knows very little about your business and the way it works.

By contrast, if a dedicated SmartPA is on holiday or off sick, you’ll have immediate access to a colleague who already understands your business and how you work. All our SmartPAs work in virtual pods and each SmartPOD has a primary point of contact, supported by a hand-picked team of SmartPAs with the ideal blend of skills, knowledge, and experience to match your needs.


2. Full scalability

Our unique team based structure means you can scale your plan up and down as you go. So, if you take on a new client or a big project, we’ll not only provide the extra resource you need, but we’ll make sure we provide the optimum blend of skills and experience as and when you need it.


3. Access to the best talent

Finding skilled PAs and admin specialists can be tough work. With many of the best specialists switching to becoming Virtual Assistants (VA) as a result of the benefits it offers them, SmartPA is a great way to bring in the best admin talent to your business.

At SmartPA you can also tap into our wider teams, giving you access to specific skillsets as and when you need to. Have a look at the list of services that our SmartPAs provide.


4. Quality control guaranteed

Managing the output of temps to ensure you maintain quality can be challenging. When you hire our SmartPAs, you have the comfort of knowing that each individual is operating within our Quality Control Framework, supported by our dedicated Client Success Department, ensuring you’re satisfied every step of the way.


5. Highly trained, CPD accredited specialists

All our SmartPAs are graduates of our Training Academy, having undergone rigorous CPD accredited training. Our continuous learning approach ensures our people always stay ahead of the technology curve, progressing seamlessly to new tools and systems. What’s more, they’re passionate about our clients and their businesses.


6. Regular, accurate reporting

We provide you with regular task time reporting and detailed data analysis to (i) give you complete visibility, (ii) help you prioritise future workload and budget, and (iii) support data driven decision making (DDDM).


At SmartPA, we’ve supported countless businesses to grow and thrive, making us the perfect partner to support your business growth. We’re always happy to chat with organisations to discuss how we can provide the support you need as and when you need it.


About SmartPA

SmartPA is a pioneer of remote, outsourced admin and business support, providing individual SmartPAs, multi-skilled cross-functional teams, and full lift and drop admin process outsourcing. Working with more than 5,000 businesses of all sizes world-wide, SmartPA draws on a global talent pool of accredited SmartPAs, with a Centre of Excellence based in the UK, near shore hubs in South Africa and Uganda, and an offshore hub in Malaysia.

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