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SmartPA People: Meet Erin Nuns, Senior Business Support Executive

SmartPA People: Meet Erin Nuns, Senior Business Support Executive
Our people are our greatest asset. In this blog series, we feature one-on-one interviews with individuals from our global team. Get to know us and our people...


Meet Erin Nuns, a Senior Business Support Executive working in our South Africa team.

Erin is passionate about learning new things and expanding on her knowledge base. Before joining SmartPA, Erin studied the TEFL course and spent her free time tutoring both pre-school and high-school students, before working as a part-time junior administrator for an interior décor company.



What attracted you to working for SmartPA? 

"SmartPA initially piqued my interest when I heard about their business model from a family friend. I was impressed by the wide range of services they offer and understood that this could be revolutionary for any business, big or small. I researched the company and was amazed by their inclusivity and diversity, their female empowerment, and their stance on equal opportunities. I knew then that this is the company I wanted to build a career with!"


Tell us about the training and support you have received from SmartPA.

"Throughout my journey at SmartPA, I have learned everything there is to know about being a virtual assistant. Along with our extensive CPD accredited induction training, our team are continuously learning new ways to provide exceptional services to our clients and developing our skillsets. SmartPA sets us up for success by providing equal access to training material, 1:1 support, and topic-focused training sessions for each area of support that we offer."


How has SmartPA helped you grow as an admin professional and as a person, and what are your plans for the future?

"SmartPA has allowed me to work with various industries, which has allowed me to experience different administrative roles. My experience with supporting these clients, along with our continuous training from our Learning and Development department, SmartPA has taught me everything there is to know about being a virtual assistant in a short period.

My passion has always been in helping others, and I realised that I am most passionate about training and sharing my knowledge with others. Now that I am in a Quality Assurance role, I focus on training and supporting our SmartPAs to achieve excellence when supporting their clients. I am now looking to pursue a career in Learning and Development, aligning with my passion for helping others!"



Give us a favourite example of how you have helped a customer.

"Back in 2021 the pandemic was still in full force and there were multiple international travel bans in place. I was supporting a team based in the United Kingdom that needed to travel to the United States for an important event. It was not possible for them to travel on a direct flight, so we needed to come up with a plan. The information was not readily available, and there were numerous articles explaining different rules and regulations. After extensive research and careful planning, we were able to find a country where they could isolate for 14 days before travelling into the United States. As a result, the client’s team were able to attend the event on time without any complications."


What’s the best thing about working for SmartPA?

"Over and above the incredible opportunities we have to work with various industries, the best thing about working for SmartPA is our culture. It is a culture of positivity, unmatched support from our colleagues, and helping each other reach our goals. We live and breathe our company values. We are unstoppable, together!"


If you had to recommend SmartPA to your friends, what would you say?

"Your time is a precious commodity, SmartPA will help you focus on what’s really important in your business while we focus on the admin!"

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