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SmartPODs: A flexible support model for today’s business needs

SmartPODs: A flexible support model for today’s business needs

SmartPA’s innovative business support model delivers reliability, flexibility and scalability.


How do SmartPODs work?

Our business support professionals work in virtual pods. Each SmartPOD has a primary point of contact, supported by a hand-picked team of SmartPAs with the ideal blend of skills, knowledge and experience to match your needs.

This unique approach delivers a resilient and agile service delivery model that naturally maximises efficiency and optimises productivity.


What are the key benefits?

  • Dedicated point of contact
  • A robust, relationship-based, service delivery model
  • Mitigates against risk and impact of sickness and holidays
  • Provides consistency of business understanding - client knowledge is always held in the team
  • Optimal load-balancing, responsiveness and continuity of service
  • Agility and capability to flex, adding or removing skills as required
  • PODs can link across multiple time zones if required, providing world class ‘always-on’ real-time support
  • POD structure ensures confidentiality
  • A consistent, impactful, and scalable infrastructure that enables stakeholders to work strategically
  • Balances workload to deal with peaks in activity, while providing the ability to scale and expand with ease
  • Underpinned by regular data-driven communication updates
  • Flexible approach that supports rapid turnaround of ad-hoc requests


To discuss how our SmartPODs can support your business, email, call us on 0330 202 1110 or book a call on the button below.

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