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Why SmartPA’s success starts with our Training and Accreditation programme

Why SmartPA’s success starts with our Training and Accreditation programme

You’ll hear us speak a lot about customer centricity at SmartPA. That’s because we have to put our customers at the heart of everything we do. After all, our SmartPAs work as a seamless part of our customers’ businesses; they’re key members of our clients’ teams, representing these organisations with the same passion, professionalism and commitment as if they were permanent employees.

Put simply, our SmartPAs have to be the best in their business.

So how do we achieve that? Well, it all starts with our world-class training and accreditation programme.

Our training and development programs not only elevate service quality but also foster personal growth and job satisfaction among our team. We seek individuals with a growth mindset, encouraging them to be their best and embrace challenges. This investment in our people not only enhances their skills but also elevates their happiness and motivation, positively impacting our service quality and individual career progression. Additionally, it plays a vital role in our impressive employee retention rates.

How it works

All our SmartPAs are graduates of our Training Academy, having successfully completed our rigorous CPD accredited training programme, which has been benchmarked against globally assured qualification frameworks.

Following initial accreditation, our team then provided with an on going development plan, which includes quarterly learning maintain their SmartPA accreditation. This supports us to ensure our robust quality framework, which includes ongoing training, client check-ins and regular spot checks and assessments.

Over the years, SmartPA has delivered this comprehensive training for all our PAs, and for a number of our clients around the world. 

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Why it works

SmartPA’s comprehensive educational programme is enjoyable, thought provoking and practical, while being based on the science of learning and has a focus on the transfer of knowledge, ensuring our SmartPAs have the confidence to change and implement their learning. The programme skilfully combines interactive e-learning modules, practical work, virtual face to face sessions and assessments.

The programme covers 3 levels, delivering the full range of skills, knowledge and behaviours required by successful PAs in today’s working world:

Level 1: Transactional

(e.g. arranging meetings local and domestic travel management, document formatting, processing , data entry, CRM input and management)

Level 2: Thinker/PA (e.g. managing inboxes, foreign travel, event co-ordination, social media, document production)

Level 3: Proactive/Executive (e.g. C-suite organisation, corporate research, project management, complex global travel, diary management)


“The SmartPA accreditation program is an in-depth, well-structured training course. The support received throughout accreditation has been nothing less than excellent”.

Monica Steri (can we include someone other than Monica?)


Accredited by CIPD

Our CPD accreditation signifies our commitment to upholding industry-recognised standards, ensuring that our training programs are always of the highest quality and relevance. This validation also showcases our adaptability and readiness to stay at the forefront of our field, benefiting our clients with cutting-edge training.

For our clients, CPD accreditation provides assurance that our training is rigorously assessed and aligns with recognised standards. It instills confidence in the value of our programs and assures them that their professional development needs are met. In essence, CPD accreditation is pivotal in maintaining SmartPA's reputation and ensuring our clients receive top-quality, up-to-date training that enhances their professional growth and success.


We’re proud of our people

We really mean it when we say our people are our business. Supported by our unique Quality Control Framework, our SmartPAs apply the skills, knowledge and experience gleaned from their world class learning in support of hundreds of businesses around the world every day. To find our more click here or drop us an email at .


About SmartPA

SmartPA is a pioneer of remote, outsourced admin and business support, providing individual SmartPAs, multi-skilled cross-functional teams, and full lift and drop admin process outsourcing. Working with more than 5,000 businesses of all sizes world-wide, SmartPA draws on a global talent pool of accredited SmartPAs, with a Centre of Excellence based in the UK, near shore hubs in South Africa and Uganda, and an offshore hub in Malaysia.

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