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Wellbeing at Work Week 2023: Lisa Blair, Human Resources

Wellbeing at Work Week 2023: Lisa Blair, Human Resources
As we kick off Wellbeing at Work Week on November 13th, join us in exploring how our team prioritises their health and happiness. Through our Q&A interviews, discover how we make the most of our allocated wellbeing hours and stay on top of our wellness game. Stay tuned for daily updates!


We're delighted to introduce you to Lisa Blair, a dedicated Human Resources Executive at SmartPA, as we delve into the world of wellbeing at work during this special week. Lisa, a valued member of our team, has agreed to share her insights on the importance of wellbeing and how it has positively impacted her work and life.


What does wellbeing mean to you and how much do you value it?

To me, wellbeing is looking after myself physically and mentally to ensure that I show up as the best version of myself each and every day. I place such high value on wellbeing as it supports you to feel satisfied in all aspects of your life.


How has your approach to wellbeing, with the support of SmartPA, influenced your overall happiness and productivity at work?

I am fairly open with my communication relating to my own wellbeing. I like to share examples of wins, challenges, and some of my own personal struggles with the hope of inspiring others to talk up should they feel comfortable doing so. This approach is welcomed within SmartPA and as a team everyone is so respectful and supportive. There is no shame in admitting you're having a bad day or asking for help. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals and a positive culture influences me to feel my best at work!


What activities do you enjoy during your "wellbeing hour" to relax and recharge? 

I love running – it is one of my favourite things to do. Whilst this isn’t a typical relaxing activity it boosts my energy levels and helps clear a busy mind. My wellbeing hour has been spent running and getting the miles in for my first full marathon which is booked for next year.

Within SmartPA we have a wellbeing channel where we like to share various wellbeing content for the consideration of the full team. One of the posts we recently shared highlighted the 5 pillars of wellbeing and one of these pillars is to learn something new. I am committing myself to do something different during my next wellbeing hour with the aim of stepping out of my comfort zone.


What advice would you give others for maintaining a healthy work-life balance and overall wellbeing? Are there any specific books, apps, or resources you recommend for enhancing wellbeing?

It is important to set boundaries between your work and personal life and where possible avoid taking work related tasks or stress home. I generally have a busy lifestyle however I always make time for myself and factor in things that bring me joy – usually involving my doggies, friends, and occasional prosecco!!

It is also so important that you don’t compare yourself to others, we are all on different and unique journeys which we should be respectful of. Communicating your struggles can be so powerful, lean on your teammates or manager should you need any support – remember we are unstoppable TOGETHER! Be open-minded and most of all be kind to yourself!

One of my favourite books to read is The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters. This book helps you recognise how your mind is working, understand and manage your emotions and become the person you would like to be.

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