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Wellbeing at Work Week 2023: Siphokazi Dubazana, Business Support Executive

Wellbeing at Work Week 2023: Siphokazi Dubazana, Business Support Executive
As we kick off Wellbeing at Work Week on November 13th, join us in exploring how our team prioritises their health and happiness. Through our Q&A interviews, discover how we make the most of our allocated wellbeing hours and stay on top of our wellness game. Stay tuned for daily updates!


We're delighted to introduce you to Siphokazi Dubazana, one of SmartPA's fantastic Business Support Executives based in South Africa, as we delve into the world of wellbeing at work during this special week. Siphokazi has agreed to share her insights on the importance of wellbeing and how it has positively impacted her work and life.


What does wellbeing mean to you and how much do you value it?

"Wellbeing to me is like the ultimate combo of feeling good physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's not just the absence of problems but the presence of positive vibes, you know? I'd say I value it quite a bit because when you're firing on all cylinders, you can handle whatever the world throws at you with a smile."


How has your approach to wellbeing, with the support of SmartPA, influenced your overall happiness and productivity at work?

"SmartPA has been a game-changer! It's like having a personal assistant that's always on point. It frees up mental space, letting me focus on the fun stuff and not get bogged down in the nitty-gritty details. That, in turn, has a direct line to my happiness and productivity. When you've got your ducks in a row, work becomes a playground, not a battlefield."


What activities do you enjoy during your "wellbeing hour" to relax and recharge? 

"I wish I had some cool pics to share, but alas, I'm more of a virtual explorer. In my "wellbeing hour," I'm all about diving into a good book or a thought-provoking article. Sometimes, I dabble in a bit of creative writing. It's like a mental spa day, you know? Clears the cobwebs and leaves me feeling rejuvenated."


What advice would you give others for maintaining a healthy work-life balance and overall wellbeing? Are there any specific books, apps, or resources you recommend for enhancing wellbeing?

"Oh, it's all about the balance dance! First and foremost, don't underestimate the power of breaks. Stepping away from the screen or the chaos for a few minutes can do wonders. Also, boundaries are your best buds.

As for resources, Headspace is a gem for meditation and mindfulness. And there's this book called "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg — it's like a handbook for crafting a healthy routine."

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