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COVID 19 Report May 2020

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What we cover:

  • Analysis of COVID-19
  • Business and economic impact
  • Surveys on SMEs impact in other countries
  • UK policy response to SMEs
  • Our expectations for the future
Covid 19 Report

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Centralise your outsourced services

By centralising your outsourced services with SmartPA, you can minimise the risk of third-party reliability.


We will research funding and government-backed options available to your business.

Efficient workforce management

It’s too late to develop a set of remote-work policies if you didn’t already have one. But there are ways to make the remote-work experience productive and engaging.

In a rapidly changing situation, businesses need a proactive plan to adjust and adapt how they lead their teams, speak to their customers, and manage their brands.

SmartPA are here to help you thrive with much-needed support to help you protect jobs, secure revenue and plan for future growth. Our community has hundreds of virtual assistants across the world already supporting clients through the impacts of COVID-19.

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