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Total SE is a French multi-national integrated oil and gas company founded in 1924, and is one of the seven ‘SuperMajor’ companies in the world in the sector.

With 106,000 employees globally, its businesses cover the entire energy chain - from crude oil and natural gas exploration and production to power generation, transportation, refining, petroleum product marketing and international trading.

It is also a large-scale chemicals manufacturer.

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Maintaining operational capability

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As part of Total’s long-term strategy to flourish in the oil and gas sector, a head count reduction plan was enacted to lower human resource costs with the goal of maintaining existing operational capability.

It was identified that it could reduce both costs, and the inefficiencies associated with staff turnover, by outsourcing their team of group personal assistants. The company had struggled to find the right calibre of candidate within budget restrictions and the length of the onboarding period (at 12-16 weeks) was not efficiently delivering return on investment.

Our Solution

SmartPA’s solution was to mobilise a dedicated virtual reception service with some on-site support maintained at their headquarters in Paris, with experts carefully selected from our talent pool with an emphasis on skillset and experience from the oil, gas and energy sectors. Additionally, we provided resource for two UK subsidiaries.


We directly hired some of their PAs onto our staff, who were still able to provide high-level secretarial, phone and other assistance to their executives with the same level of integration and secure confidentiality. The group dynamic was well-balanced and centrally managed through a primary point of contact with an extensive and bespoke training programme implemented prior to start date.


Outsourcing brought significant savings in cost and management time for Total, avoiding habitual extra costs such as sick pay or annual leave. And by deploying a scalable but dedicated resource, increases in workload were efficiently overseen. The team’s retention rate was high, meaning that communication and service levels were consistently high.


And with SmartPA’s team learning and adopting Total’s business requirements and brand guidelines to provide a fully-bespoke offering, precision and accuracy with integration into the client’s internal systems was so complete that it appeared invisible to the outside world.

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