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SmartPA's Robust Quality Control Framework

SmartPA's Robust Quality Control Framework

When it comes to outsourcing, we know there’s nothing more important than reliability and consistency of service.

At SmartPA, we’ve spent well over a decade creating, modifying and perfecting our Quality Control Framework to ensure we deliver innovative, effective and, above all, reliable admin and business support services to all our client organisations.

Here’s how it works …



SmartPA’s agile set up ensures scalability. Delivering bespoke solutions from a portfolio of core, standard and specialist support services, we’re able to call upon a vast, multilingual global talent pool and network across multiple time zones. This not only ensures resilience but also gives us the ability to scale up quickly, or gradually, as required.



As a Cyber Essentials Certified company, we enforce strict security policies organisation-wide and deliver the highest levels of security, governance, confidentiality, resilience and contingency. Our rigorous policies and procedures, underpinned by our long-standing commitment to ethical conduct, ensure reliable, consistent and client-focused service delivery.



Our teams work in virtual ‘pods’, delivering an optimal blend of ‘always on’ skills and support. This robust service delivery model mitigates against the risks and impact of sickness, holidays and staff attrition, while guaranteeing confidentiality and ensuring you’ll always be working with SmartPAs who understand your needs and your business.



We agree bespoke SLAs with every client, providing regular task time reporting and applying detailed data analysis. This ensures we deliver full project visibility that supports demand forecasting and data driven decision making (DDDM). At SmartPA, we’re an added-value provider, taking a relationship-based approach to all our clients based around our OSM (Optimise, Standardise, Modernise) model. We review SOPs and best practice, recommend process improvements, and produce updated documentation.


Training & Accreditation

All our SmartPAs are graduates of our Training Academy, having undergone rigorous CPD accredited training. Our Accreditation programme has been benchmarked against globally assured qualification frameworks to ensure our training programme is both rigorous and quality-assured. Our continuous learning approach ensures our people always stay ahead of the technology curve, progressing seamlessly to new tools and systems.


Client Success Department

Underpinning our Quality Control Framework, and operating independently of our project teams, is the SmartPA Client Success Department. Proactive and committed to the highest of standards, the department exists to ensure our clients are happy (and stay that way). The team collects client feedback, project data and insights to continuously evolve our service and customer experience.


How SmartPA can support

From individual virtual assistants to multi-skilled virtual teams, no matter the size of your business, objective, or challenge, SmartPA has the perfect solution to take the stress away and increase efficiency, drive productivity, and maximise profitability.

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